TAFISA WALKING DAY – 24h Around the Globe

On October 4th, join us in the world’s most accessible and inclusive relay!

On this day, TAFISA - The Association for International Sport for All - organizes the “Walking Day - 24h Around the Globe”. The event, which will virtually cross the world from the Fiji Islands to Canada, aims to create the idea of passing a baton by all participants.

This global non-profit campaign aims to bring together the Sports for All world and show its solidarity with the most affected people by the COVID-19 pandemic.



The COVID-19 pandemic surprised the world, affecting various areas of society such as health, education and sport. To defeat the virus will only be possible if we come together. This event will be a demonstration of sport as a solidarity and unifying factor of societies.


What we ask for:

1.     Inform us, by media@tafisalisboa.com, about your intention to participate;

2.     In the same message, send your name and share a photo of yourself, attaching a short quote, which will be published on social media, in order to increase the visibility of the event;

3.     Two days before the event, on October 2nd, please announce, on social media, your participation in the “Walking Day – 24h Around the Globe”;

4.     Record a simple and short video (maximum of 30 seconds), with the title “On Walking Day, I pass the baton for…”, and send it to us to publish it on the day of the event;

5.     If possible, publish the same video on your social media, on the day of the event.


Video guidelines:

1.     Download the baton template, print and roll it up. See how to do it through the video “How to make the Baton”;

2.     Find a background/setting related to the sport you practice to record the video;

3.     Watch the example video;

4.     Record the video (maximum 30 seconds):

a.     Look at the camera and take the baton, imagining that it is passed by the previous participant, with your left hand, on the right side of the camera.

b.     With the baton, start movements associated with the physical activity or sport you practice (running, swimming, kicking, passing, etc.);

c.     Stand in front of the camera and say to whom or for what cause you will pass the baton, saying "On World Walking Day, I pass the testimony to ...". You can do this in your native language or in English. If you choose your language, please, send us the respective translation in English;

d.     Pass the baton with your right hand to the left side of the camera;

e.     Send us the video via email;

f.      On October 4th, if possible, publish the video on your social media with #walkingday.


Join us and contribute to a worldwide non-profit campaign that aims to create a wave of solidarity towards COVID-19, led by The Association for International Sport for All.


Use the TAFISA platform and the video “On Walking Day, I pass the baton to…” to promote the causes with which you identify and defend habitually.


For more information:

Contact us by the e-mail media@tafisalisboa.com 


Check the event brochure at:





TAFISA WALKING DAY – 24h Around the Globe


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Local Organization

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