The 7th TAFISA World Sport for All Games have started!

The 7th TAFISA World Sport for All Games began today, in an opening ceremony, without an audience, but full of light, color and music so well known by the Portuguese people, the fado.

In the heart of Belém Tower Garden, under the theme “Caravelas”, the fado singer António Pinto Bastos accompanied by Dinis Lavos, Armando Figueiredo and Manuel Vaz da Silva, set the tone for the beginning of the opening ceremony of the TAFISA Games.

Still in fado, the TAFISA Games were presented with the performance of the most recent promise, Inês Vasconcellos, with the “Fado das Amarguras” song.


The 7th TAFISA World Sport for All Games have started!

We also had speeches by Vítor Pataco, president of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth and Carlos Paula Cardoso, president of the Portuguese Sport Confederation, who welcomed the 39 countries participating in this edition of the TAFISA games, represented by more than 86 organizations.

During the ceremony, we also had demonstrations of Jogo do Pau, performed by the Ginásio Clube Português and the Folkzitas Group, which presented us with traditional folklore choreographies.

Those who did not want to be left out of this ceremony and left a message of encouragement to the participants and the organization were the president of the International Council of Sport Sciences and Physical Education, Uri Schaefer, the member of the International Olympic Committee, Mrs Sari ESSAYAH, the general-secretary of the European Non-Governmental Organization for Sport, Sara Massini and João Paulo Rebelo, secretary of state for Youth and Sport.

Within scope of Lisbon being the European Capital of Sport, Nuno Delgado, head of mission, also left a message encouraging sports practice and participation in this event that presents traditional games in a way never seen before.

Lisbon has now the door open to the 7th edition of TAFISA World Sport for All Games, which hopes to reach thousands of spectators all over the world.

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Local Organization

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